Director’s Autobiography

Make or Break

Make or Break is now available. Written over 30 years, through the highs and lows of life, most of it as a quadriplegic, Paul Innes will both inspire and challenge you.

“I have written this autobiography to illuminate the power, true beauty and genuine freedom of our spirit, and to highlight the strength and fulfilment that comes from community support.
From the gangs on the streets of Western Sydney, sustaining a life-changing injury, becoming a self-sufficient community founder and frog defender to a rights advocate, sit-down comedian, ghost hunter and forming my band, my life has been a pretty extreme but insanely cool rock and rollercoaster ride.
May this book serve to invigorate and empower you as an individual, to dream unbounded and to draw the infinite power of life out of every living moment.”

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Review by Grant Leishman for Readers Favorite

Make or Break: The Extraordinary Life of Paul Innes is a deeply inspirational and uplifting autobiography by a man who has been through the worst that life can throw at us and comes out the other side with a grin the size of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. In this story, Paul takes us from his childhood, a typical suburban Australian upbringing with its usual series of troubles, mischief, heartache, teenage angst, and joy through to the moment, at age 20, that would not only define the rest of his life but also provide the inspiration and determination to achieve the amazing things he has achieved in the subsequent years. Paul has not let his life-threatening and permanent injury affect his love of nature, the world, and most especially of humanity. With music, wit, graciousness, and an amazing zest for life, Paul guides the reader through some fascinating and hilarious experiences that he describes as the rock and roller coaster of his still young life.

Make or Break is a testament to the indomitability of the human spirit. Despite the tough cards dealt to Paul so early in his life, he manages to find joy and peace in living through the power of his spirit and his deep love for humanity and nature. Paul Innes is the epitome of that expression, “the little Aussie battler”. He was never prepared to accept that his injury and subsequent confinement to a wheelchair was going to destroy his love of life, his love of the country, and his love of people. What I particularly appreciated was Paul’s understanding and concept of the power of the Universe and the ability of human beings to create with the power of their thoughts and feelings, a viewpoint on life that dovetails so well with my own. I also found his concept of astral travel fascinating. I loved the last few chapters of this book where Paul expounds more deeply on his philosophy of life and also gives the readers some excellent short, pithy lines from his poetry that are truly words to remember and live by. I was inspired by this book and I know many others will be also. This is the first of what I hope will be many more of his books and I reveled in his words. I can highly recommend Make or Break.