About Us

Our Story

Paul Innes is the Director and inspirational leader behind WITHINNES Pty Ltd a company that was officially registered in November 2007. Not long after in June 2008 CAREANDSUPPORT was registered and was initially run as a disability service provider to manage Paul’s own government-funded package. As a young man Paul sustained a life-changing injury and become quadriplegic, through his first-hand experience he was uniquely place to understand the challenges with finding the right support to provide genuine high quality care. To learn more about Paul’s personal journey click here to read his autobiography.

Paul soon recognised the potential of this disability support service to make a real difference in the lives of others. In 2011 CAREANDSUPPORT applied to Disability Services Queensland to assist other government-funded participants and was approved. Then in 2013, we took a bold step and transitioned into a private service. to enable greater flexibility for our clients. The following year, in 2014 CAREANDSUPPORT was relaunch under the new name of Independence World, which operated under NDIS until 2019. Since then, we have returned to operating as a private disability care service so that we can assist a diverse range of clients.

What are we about?

At Independence World, we’re not your average disability support company. We take pride in doing things differently. How, you ask? It all starts with our founder’s personal journey. He’s been there, lived it, and knows it inside out. This unique perspective powers our approach, allowing us to truly grasp and champion the individual needs and dreams of our participants. Our teams mission is to provide the type of high-quality care that we want for our own family and friends, should they require it.

Our foundations are built on inclusion and empowerment, as a team we are motivated to provide personalised care that leads to greater independence, happiness, and importantly enable participants to reach their life goals. We’re not ones to stick to the norm. We’re here to understand your journey and customise our services to fit your specific needs and aspirations. With a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about your wellbeing, we create a space where you’re in control and supported every step of the way.

Our approach?

It’s all-encompassing. We’re not just about taking care of you – it’s about maintaining your dignity, independence, and what makes you, you. Everything we do is tailored to what you need. Challenges? We’re here to guide you through them. Opportunities? We’re right beside you, helping you seize them with confidence

We’re all about making sure you don’t just get support, but also a rich life brimming with possibilities.

At Independence World, we get it, your needs are unique and so are you. This is why we value investing the time to get to know you, your specific preferences, interests, goals as well as your support requirements. This not only helps us to create comprehensive support plans but also makes sure we match you with the right Support Workers. We know when we get the matching right everyone is happy. Compatibility matters to us!  

What do we stand for?

We are responsive when things change and dependable when you need us most, and personalise our approach to everything we do.  

We are committed to delivering support services that set new standards. At Independence World, we’re here to redefine the game.