Premium Care, Competitive Prices & Experienced Management


Independence World is a premium quality of Care Service, with competitive prices and experienced Management. Our Director has been a quadriplegic since 1988 and personally trains all Employees before sending them to Clients. Our Service is friendly and flexible, enjoying a highly regarded reputation as evidenced through our Client testimonies, found below.

Our Services include:

  • Management of Individual Funding.
  • Service Provider for Clients under YLYC with another Service Provider.
  • Service Provider for Clients receiving Direct Payment.
  • Service Provider for Clients receiving funding through the NDIS.
  • Service Provider for Clients with private funding.
  • Contracted emergency, casual or permanent Service Provider to Clients of Spinal Life Australia.
  • Service Provider through YLYC to Clients of FNQILSA.
  • MASS Approved Mobility Equipment Supplier.

Independence World was established in 2007 as the first private Care Service in FNQ. We continue to exceed industry standards while delivering Services that the others simply do not.

How We Are Different

Independence World is not like most other Services which tend to become too big to maintain quality. We guarantee to never exceed having more than 15-20 Clients, just enough to employ an adequate Management team and deliver quality Service. We believe that any more than this results in a decline of quality Care and Service, with Management not able to personally oversee the wellbeing of each individual in their Care.

We believe in empowerment. We encourage and assist Clients that are willing and able to fully manage their own funding. This would mean that one day the Client would not use our Service at all. Our Director does this but no other Service has the experience to be able to do this.

Unlike other Services that don’t want you to become ‘attached’ to your Carer, we promote long lasting relationships. We understand that a Client does not necessarily become attached but rather begins to trust, find security and reliability in long lasting Employees and they can both begin to think outside of the box. Independence World can find live-in Carers and even lifelong Carers. Money cannot buy this and the peace and security it brings.

Independence World understands that your partner should be allowed to be paid to Care for you. In times of crisis, private holidays (You usually want your partner with you and don’t want to have to pay for an Employee’s travel and accommodation costs) and on other special occasions, you and your partner may want privacy. You still need Care, your partner is doing the job, they are probably not being paid from their other employment on every occasion and the bills still need to be paid. Other Services refuse to do this because some Clients could be taken advantage of. We guarantee to make sure this does not happen.

Though we understand that community integration and networking is a normal part of any person’s life, it is not always as easy for people needing Care and at times impractical. We do want to save the tax payer money but not at the expense of individual circumstances.

Big Services tend to send you whoever they have on their books. Independence World understands that each person has an individual need for Care and personality. By law, when we advertise for workers to Care for a Client in their own homes, the Client is allowed to discriminate against everything except race. For instance, an elderly lady can't be expected to have to have a young man showering her, especially if she is religious or has a husband. She is the queen of her house and it is her sanctuary. It is not the same law in a public institution like a hospital or nursing home. People that are needing help, generally want workers that are able to do the specific job. If they ask for somebody who is physically and mentally healthy, of a certain age, with certain qualifications or licences, in a certain geographical area, we make sure that’s who they get. Does anybody know a 101 year old ex politician that likes ballet, must not wear aftershave, lives within 2 streets of Smith Street and wants to work from 2am to 4am on a Sunday? We need two of him!

Clients of Independence World can benefit from the 28 years of experience that our Director has when it comes to written Job Inductions and Job Details. As you will see in our Team Biography and Client and other Care Services Testimonials below, we know how to find the right people and keep them. The Management and Staff turnover of a lot of Services in the region is astounding. Our Staff enjoy above award wages, bonuses, do not have to work back to back shifts, only have to work 1 weekend out of every 2, always get their minimum required hours and a generous Staff party.



Innovative Mobility Equipment

We can give advice on accessible accommodation in the Cairns area, government funding and information regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Independence World has been approved by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services to provide the following Services to eligible people:


Learning & Life Skills Development

Attendant/Personal Care

In-home Accommodation Support

In-home Respite

Flexible Respite

Goods & Equipment

Our Service has experience in Forensic Orders, Restrictive Practices, Chemical Restraint, Positive Behaviour Strategies and Guardianship Reviews.

Our organisation is happy to work with any family, friend or advocate nominated by the Client. We conduct a Workplace Health and Safety check and prepare the Individual Support Plan according to the Client’s wishes. Clients are automatically provided with quarterly statements concerning the Client’s account, in a clear and understandable form.

Independence World has extensive policies to ensure Client privacy and security, which are available upon request. We also have systematic Client reviews and feedback processes to ensure Client involvement, satisfaction and the continual improvement of the service.

Independence World actively advocates on behalf of individuals that need more Care. If a person has to constantly ask their friends, family or volunteers to assist them, it can break down relationships and those that are untrained can injure themselves, ultimately costing the tax payer more. If a person needs only a few hours extra to stay healthy and happy, we help them get it. If they need 24 hour Care, we have also helped people get that. We have had ramps installed on street corners and pedestrian crossings put in places where other Care Services have been for years. We have even gone to Mediation to get people access to places like McDonalds. We have had successful out of Court settlements for discrimination and have achieved national reform for things such as an Electricity Subsidy for people with disabilities.

Independence World is the only supplier in Queensland of the U-Step 2 Walker. It is the only walker in Australia for people with Neurological Conditions like Parkinson’s Disease. We also stock a range of the latest Topro Troja European walkers that are stylish, lightweight and ergonomic.

Service Rates

The fees and charges of other Services are numerous, hard to calculate, a lot of times involve percentages of your funding and are not usually advertised. Independence World shows its rates plainly and simply below:

Day Shift: (6am to 8pm) $44.50 per hour. 

Evening Shifts: (8pm to 6am$48.50 per hour.

Saturday Shift: (Anytime) $50.75 per hour.

Sunday Shift:  (Anytime) $64.00 per hour.

Public Holidays: (Anytime and any day) $97.50 per hour.

Overnight: (Supervision only – Active work is charged at Evening Shift rate) $92.50 per night.

Mileage(Client requests) 78 cents per km.

Overtime: (Unscheduled extra time – if agreed to by Management & Employee) 35% on top of whole shift.

Emergency: (Less than 24 hours notice) 100% on top of hourly rate.

Cancellation: (Less than 24 hours notice) 75% of original booking.

Business Consultation Fee: $65 per hour.

A minimum of 2 hours is charged for all shifts. Charges are rounded to 15 minute increments. Clients with high intensity needs requiring Employees with special qualifications or that are further than 40km from Cairns CBD are surcharged 5%. These prices are GST free for standard Home Care for private individuals but must be added for businesses. Fees should be paid before the commencement of the service unless otherwise negotiated. 

As at 01/01/2017 

Our Team Biography

Our team now includes professionals trained in Advocacy, Management, Accounts, Home Care, Student Nurses and Registered Nurses.

Am_I_suited.jpg Paul

Paul was born in Sydney and moved to the Far North in 1983. He worked in landscaping, community radio and as a professional actor. In 1988 Paul had a swimming injury causing quadriplegia. He was the founding President of the first advocacy incorporation for people with disabilities in Cairns and has sat on the Board of many community organisations, worked in Government and the private sector. Paul has lectured in universities and hospitals on community organisations and care. After buying a property that he developed into a self-sufficient sanctuary with three thousand organic fruit trees it was visited by tens of thousands people and used as a haven for a local women’s shelter. After a number of years of rehabilitation the property was found by the JCU to now be home to four of Queensland’s missing frogs.

Paul has successfully trained Assistance Dogs to the Licenced level and is now working on building a non-profit company to make them available in Cairns. Paul is the Sole Director of WITHINNES PTY LTD, the Company that runs Independence World.


 IW13.Katie_Brabon.jpg Katie 

Katie grew up in Cairns and has worked with Paul since she was 17. She told Paul that she always wanted to be a nurse and if she got a job with him she would study to become one. Paul wrote a letter to the TAFE and Katie received a $6,500 Grant to study to become an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse. She Graduated and helped Paul to start his company. Katie went on to study at the JCU and is now a Registered Nurse. She has worked with Paul since 2006.


 IW24.Jed_Banjavic.jpg Jed

Jed has lectured in Horticulture and owned a nursery for many years, He is a tireless volunteer in the community, still enjoys gardening and has worked as a casual Home Care Employee with Paul since 2006.


 APRIL.jpg April

April is our Manager. She is a Qualified Bookkeeper and is Paul’s niece. She is adept in MYOB, accounts, customer service and has worked with the company since April 2013. 


 Joanna.jpg Jo

Jo has experience in caring for people and has had a diverse experience in other fields of work. She has two beautiful boys and is a multi-tasker. She has worked with Paul since August 2013 and can fix anything. She is Paul’s all-rounder. Jo has said she wants to work for the company and Care for Paul for the rest of her life. Jo also Cares for two of our other Clients.



Maree works in the Health sector since 1993, in both Tasmania and Queensland and now also Cares for a Client of ours in Cairns. She has travelled all over the globe including Germany and Thailand. Maree has been with us since July 2015.


 VALERIE_2.jpg Valerie

Valerie has been working as a Carer since January 2013 and has worked with many different Clients of various levels of physical disabilities. She is also an Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in disability, rehabilitation and aged care and has a Bachelor in Science majoring in Zoology. Valerie loves playing musical instruments, over-watering her garden and camping. She has worked with our company since April 2016 with a Client in Brisbane.



Eden has recently moved back to her home town of Cairns after working as an Au Pair, caring for a boy with Autism. Eden was previously a Manager at Hungry Jacks and enjoys the beach, road trips and quality time with family and friends. She has worked with our company since May 2016.


GINA.png Gina

Gina has experience in customer service, working on a farm and in food and beverage. She is good with administration and even holds a forklift license. Gina currently Cares for Paul and three of our other Clients. Gina came to us wanting a Career change and found that Caring for people is something she loves and is great at. Gina joined us in October 2016.



Jude hails from the Netherlands where she was a Pastry Chef and Manager at a Bakery chain. In 2011 Jude travelled to Australia and has fallen in love with the country, especially North Queensland where she lives with her husband and beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Jude wanted a Career change, so she embarked on Personal Support work and loves every minute of it! Jude has worked with Independence World since February 2017.


              Client & other Service Provider Testimonials


 KEVIN_2 Kevin Cocks, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner 

My Compliments to Paul regarding both Jude and Gina for their professionalism and sense of humour, it was great working with them and it made my trip much easier. I think the culture that your organisation INDEPENDENCE WORLD embeds, is highly reflected in both these ladies professionalism. Once again thank you for your support.


September 2017


image3 Jonas Luetke

I only can speak highly and positive about Independence World and the services they offer. I have been with them for a little bit more than a year now and it has been hassle free, personal and easy to deal with them. I have never had any issues with them and the Carers are well trained and prepared by the owner himself. The biggest advantage over other bigger personal Care agencies I find, is the owner himself living with a disability knows what the needs of his costumers are and can relate to the different situation very well. Thumbs up from my side, would recommend IW to anyone who is in need of a helping hand.

Cairns, Queensland

November 2016


image2 James Lander

The service from Independence World goes beyond what most care agencies would deliver. They treat me as an individual rather than another figure on their books, and have given me advice and support as only someone who has experienced the same difficulties can. They truly want to help, and if I had to use one word to describe them, it would be genuine.

Yeerongpilly, Queensland

October 2016


Thanks to Paul and the team at INDEPENDENCE WORLD, my husband, my daughter and I enjoyed an extremely relaxing day whilst our son was being cared for by one of their experienced and highly capable Carers. INDEPENDENCE WORLD gave us the much needed respite we required whilst visiting on holiday from Melbourne.  The whole process was seamless and easy. Thanks again.

Kim Young

Hampton, Victoria

July 2014


At a time in our family's life when quality support services were hard to find, we discovered Independence World. Within days of meeting management, we had a support team suited to our son's needs. We found them to be very helpful and genuinely caring of our situation. We would not hesitate in recommending Independence World.

Kim and Ariel Pose

Trinity Beach, Queensland

March 2014


Hi Paul,

Just a little email to forward onto you and your staff regarding the fantastic care that Karen has received. May I take this opportunity to offer my grateful thanks for all the hard work you and your team have done. Karen is very happy with the services she has received. I would like for you to please pass this onto all your staff.


Sally Gower

ActiveCare, Victoria

Feb 2014


Just want to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful girls, they were superb when we were there 4 weeks ago on our holiday. They are a credit to you, the way you trained them and how they respect you so much. I wish l had the same care here in Geelong, you should have your business down here, you would blitz it. When we come back there, l will be in touch. Thanks so much.

Karen Goodman

Melbourne, Victoria

Feb 2014


Dear Paul & the team at Independence World,

We have appreciated your advocacy, private service, brokered service and discretionary services over the past couple of years because at 24yrs with Duchenne and thus virtually paralysed and with two working parents, you "got it"...Got the fact that Doug needed more than 11 hours per week support to finish Uni and to be safe in his own home, let alone get out on the street in the sunshine again. You even went into bat for him to live independently where he would not be using your service because it would have been best for him.

Your very capable and compassionate service compounds my belief that more support should be given to persons with disabilities to work in the employ of the disability industry and state government to work and evaluate others in the same position. We need more than consultation, which is rare at best, we need representation & I thank you very much for your personal efforts and those of the staff you mentor, with respect to our son and family situation. 

Deb Robins (for Doug)

Smithfield, Queensland.

July 2012


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